Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2 - Bodo's Bagels (Charlottesville, VA)

LAST VISIT: 2/2011

As someone who lived in NYC and had fresh bagels frequently, it's not the best start for my rating of Bodo's Bagels, the establishment that claims to have NYC style bagels. I have to be honest, their bagels are decent. They taste pretty good and are a decent size however, they are no NYC bagel. Thus, not a number 3 rating for Bodo's. Below is a list of items that Mr. Bodo should take into consideration:

  1. Don't be cheap when it comes to cream cheese. If you claim to be a NYC style bagel establishment then you have to realize that a large amount of cream cheese is a requirement.
  2. Have the option to toast your bagels. Sometimes your bagels are still warm, which is a plus, but sometimes a toasted bagel really hits the spot.
  3. Improve your coffee - it sucks.
  4. Like with the cream cheese - you have to put more than one slice of turkey and a piece of lettuce on a turkey bagel sandwich. Don't be cheap!
  5. Finally, your smoked salmon appears to be a little suspect - this is something NYC bagel joints are experts need major improvement here.

If you want a bagel in Charlottesville, Bodo's will likely fill the craving, just don't expect it to be outstanding like a NYC bagel.


  1. If you don't think the amount of cream cheese on a Bodo's bagel is enough, you need to reevaluate your life choices and possibly make an appointment with a cardiologist.